Go Astros!

We took Little Man to the Astros game today. It was his first baseball game. He has a certificate to prove it and everything!  The best part was probably the fact that the Mariner (“Mariener”) Wiener fans managed to sustain a wave for an entire inning. Frank enjoyed “riding the wave”. I’ve never been to a game where even one lap around the stadium was managed, so I was pretty excited too.

The Astros won, which just goes to show what a lucky family we are.

Take me out to the ball game,

take my out to the field,

don’t spend your money on hamburgers,

or you’ll get sick and you’ll NEVER go back.

It’s root root root for the Astros

’cause they’re the best, finally.

It’s 1 -2 -3 strikes, you’re out

at the Astros game!

The hamburger wasn’t that bad, but it was burned AND they smothered it in mayonnaise without asking. Little Man gorged himself on French fries. I decided not to feel guilty because it’s a special occasion and a special day.

Happy Father’s day everyone!

Speaking of fathers, my One and Only has a few new jokes to share.. so check out my “giggles” page!

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