Poor Little Man

I wanted my next blog post to be happy and reminiscent of my magical trip to Alaska via Norwegian Cruise Line, but alas I have to vent!

I am sweaty, bruised, and smell like vomit. I have spent the last hour trying to clean my Britax B Agile Stroller. I spent 15 minutes trying to take the dang thing apart, many bruises and angry thoughts later I realized it’s an impossible feat, and spent 30 minutes trying to put the dang thing back together. (I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU CAN TAKE IT APART WITH ALL OF THOSE SNAPS AND TIES – UGH!!) Then I angrily set it in the bath tub and sprayed it down with the shower. Now it’s sitting in front of a fan waiting to air dry. It could be me, but I am afraid it still smells like vomit.

What’s worse is I feel guilty, I feel as if I made Little Man sick. I added a few spurts of jogging to our dog walk on this sunny 81F day. I’m afraid the bouncing combined with the copious amounts of water he was drinking caused him to lose his lunch, and then some. It was rather sudden, and rather disgusting. Luckily we were less than a block away from our apartment and he didn’t seem too troubled by it.

Bratwurst may be the most amazing meat on earth, but it’s not pretty the second time around.

Thanks for reading my complaint, I feel better already.

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