Packing Day + Happy Friday

The movers are here packing now. I’m waiting for the guy to finish in the kitchen so I can try to make the chicken quesadilla’s from memory. He already packed the cook book, but at least I have the frying pan.

There was a bit of a scare this morning when they came, because there are “NO PARKING” signs everywhere for tomorrow. The bossman said “that’s too bad” or something to that affect. I asked I’m if they wanted to load everything and move it today, and he said “no, I have plans this afternoon”. I asked him what we were supposed to do and he said he didn’t know.

I tried really hard not to cry, I did, but I am an emotional person and a few tears escaped their prisons and the elevator ride was super awkward.

He came by later and said not to worry about it, they will be here bright and early tomorrow at 8am.

On a happy note, I want to share some happy things with y’all:

1. I have received my first free-lance writing gig! I have a week to write 2 articles for a website, and they are paying me! …I should probably get started on that.

2. I got a raise for my tax accounting contract work. I’ve got a pretty sweet gig working 10 hours a week for my people back in Texas.

3. Little man has been going crazy with the sign language learning. New signs he’s tried over the last two weeks include:

a. Bread, Banana, Book – He lacks dexterity so these tend to look the same, but it’s the context that matters. Also… he has a banana addiction. Every time he eats and sometimes when he plays, he asks for a banana. I try to limit him to two a day.

b. Frog – so adorable!

c. Yogurt… I think he signed this, but I could be wrong. It was a very deliberate arm wave.

As far as I can tell he has yet to really say a word out loud. He is 15 months old and he does babble, but I am still grateful we started sign language. It really helps! (By the way, my go to online dictionary is here.)

Have a happy Friday, and wish us luck that we get moved tomorrow!

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