New Things / Cheesy Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Things have been busy here, but we are all alive and well!

We are about 80% moved in – the movers didn’t bring a big enough truck to empty out our storage units so they are going to finish up next Sunday. That was the only frustrating part to last Saturday. The best part was that almost everyone remembered it was my birthday. Everyone except for Little Man, but I forgive him because he doesn’t know what birthdays are.

“E” is officially a character in the blog!

I gave myself the best birthday present – a positive pregnancy test! That means I can finally allow myself to bore you guys with my incessant thoughts about my little friend “E”. It has been SO hard to not constantly think “Why am I not pregnant, what’s wrong with me?!” We’ve been trying since last November, and I even stopped breastfeeding completely in January and it still took this long.

On the bright side, there are certain benefits to it having taken this long:

1. I will only be 6 months pregnant when I am Matron of Honor in my friend’s wedding.

2. Little E will be 3 months old when we travel to Germany next year. That’s probably a good age.

To explain, the reason we will call the little person “E” is because we called Little Man “B”. “B” is short for Baby. We did not find out his gender, and we are going to try not to find out this time either. We know for sure we will name the girl “Evelyn” so therefore we are going with “E”. I also like “Eric” or “Elliot” but we are still open minded about boys names. I mean, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Ear Doctor – Good News!

Little Man saw the hearing specialist today and they said his ears are fine. They said if he still doesn’t have words by 18 months we should do another hearing test, but there is nothing to do right now but let him be himself.

He did NOT like when the doctor cleaned the earwax out of his ear, but it was worth it for the good news.

Messy Baby Cooking Club:

I made a delicious 2nd lunch for Little Man yesterday. Take your regular grilled cheese sandwich (Butter, sandwich bread, American cheese) and add thin slices of grilled chicken (good use of leftovers!) inside of it before grilling the sandwich. I served this with fruit, and milk. Voila! You’ve got protein, vitamins, calcium! And a happy child. Yum! Cheesy Grilled Chicken Sandwich

By the way, he loves having a backyard. He likes it more than the dog does, and that is saying something.

I hope you all had a wonderful last few days as well!

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