Bad Voodoo – You can’t keep me out!

There must be bad voodoo in this house. It’s probably just a center of evil and bad luck and it draws its evil minions to it by the hundreds. These evil minions then grow big and strong and fast and generally help keep the atmosphere evil. Yes, I am referring to the spiders again. I just had to squish one by hand through a doggy bag because it snuck into a crevice where my shoe could not fit.

Okay, it was my husbands shoe.

Also the following has happened since we moved:

1. I have broken not one, but two of our tall glasses. Now we are down to 3. (I think we started with 9 a few years ago.)

2. I bonked my head really hard on the cabinet above the dryer, and now the back of my head is super bumpy and sore.

3. I locked myself out of the house. And yes, the baby was napping in his room at the time, and I swear the dog was laughing at me. How do you lock yourself out of the house, you ask? Well this house has the WEIRDEST door knobs. You can still turn the knob from the inside when it’s locked. And that’s how normal people check to see if it’s locked. So I jiggled the handle and thought “okay, good, it’s unlocked!” and went outside.

And stayed outside.

Only for a few minutes, because I, genius that I am, saw an immediate solution. I would go to the car and use the handy dandy code system to unlock the car and open the garage. I remember jiggling the doorknob this morning and determining that the door to the garage was unlocked.

I got in the garage only to find out I was wrong again, and still locked out.

But did I break down, cry, and call my husband? No sir! I was brave and determined! I would have crawled through the doggy door if I had too! Luckily I only had to reach my arm through and unlock the door from the inside.

There you have it, problem solving at it’s best. Sing the following to Chumbawaumba’s song: “I get locked out, but I get in again… you’re never gonna keep me out!”

I think I’ll reward myself with a nice cup of tea and reading until the baby wakes up. I can work later, right?

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