Book Review: The Devil You Know by Mike Carey


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What is it about?

Felix Castor has a natural gift as an exorcist. Even though he would prefer to stay out of the business, he gets involved in a case involving a ghost haunting an Archive in London. Rather than simply committing to a simple exorcism he attempts to figure out why there is a ghost in the first place which gets him into all kinds of trouble.

Is it good?

It is amusing. Felix Castor is sarcastic and full of colorful metaphors so it is fun to read about his interactions with all the people in the story. The story itself is okay, but at times I found myself feeling like it was dragging on a bit and everything was tied up neatly with a bow at the end.

At 406 pages it is a little long to be a fun quick read, but it did make me smile a lot.


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