Book Review: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Bone Clocks

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3/5 Stars

What is it about?

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell follows the victims and participants in a secret war between Horologists and Anchorites. Horologists’ souls get reincarnated 49 days after their old bodies die. They usually take over the young body of a child that has just passed away, heal the body and live life to the best of their ability. They also do their best to defeat any Anchorites who feed on the blood of certain people in order to maintain their youth indefinitely.

Holly Sykes gets caught up in their war the day her brother disappears.

Is it good?

The book has a beautiful cover, and a fascinating idea for a story. Unfortunately the extreme passing of time (1984 to 205something) and the changing character perspectives make this a slightly confusing read. This is a long book with 625 pages, and it felt like a long book at various parts throughout the story. I don’t think I fully understand how the 200 pages around Ed Bruebeck and Crispin Hershey furthered the story very much. I wish the whole book had centered around Holly. I really liked her as a character. She had a lifetime to do it, but she really learned and grew throughout the story, and I think she handled the strange parts in a realistic way.

Overall I would rate this as “interesting” and grant it 3/5 stars.

Happy Reading!

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