In The Garden of Iden by Kage Baker


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What is it about?

Mendoza is a little Spanish girl who finds herself being questioned by the Inquisition. Fortunately, the resident doctor works for Dr. Zeus, a company from the future whose work is to save plants, animals, and artwork from extinction by going into the past and sneaking them back to the future. Dr. Zeus has the ability to make its operatives into immortal cyborgs as long as they are willing to commit to an eternity of working for the company.

Is it good?

I loved the premise. And the first 20% of the book were so engaging that I could not stop thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it. To my great disappointment, after about 20%, it turned into a romance and focused thereafter on Mendoza’s romance. There were also some references to “the prince’s dark shadow”, and some sort of cloud Mendoza creates when she is emotional that never came back into the story.

I wanted this book to be more sci-fi, and I was hoping it would focus more on the Company and/or rebellion within.

As far as a romance story, I found the love hard to believe as it mostly consisted of love at first sight and religious bantering.


This book is the first in a long series (9 books so far). I don’t believe they are all romances, so there is a good chance of it going back to the sci-fi roots.

Readers, please answer me this:

Have you read this series? And if so, is it worth getting further into?


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