Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1)

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Who was the world’s first carpenter? Eve. She made Adam’s banana stand.

-Kermit William Hodges, Det-Ret.

What is it about?

Bill Hodges is a recently retired detective who spends his afternoons watching daytime television and contemplating suicide with his fathers’ old .38 special.

One afternoon he receives a letter from the Mercedes Killer taunting him into doing just that. Bill realizes that this unsolved case could use a little more work, and he is drawn back into the world of investigating.

Was it good?

It was okay, but I closed the book with a small feeling of disappointment. This book was creepy, and the investigation was sensible, but there was not a whole lot of action and I think I was wanting more. There are a lot of brilliant detective stories out there, but this one was alright. I am not sure that I will read any other books in this series. I’d rather continue reading the Dark Tower books to fill any Stephen King cravings.

Has anyone read any of the other books in the series? Would you recommend them?

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