Nevernight (#1) by Jay Kristoff

Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)

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Beauty you are born with, but brains you earn.

— Mia’s mother

What is it about?

Mia Corvere is a 16-year-old girl, whose sole purpose in life is to avenge the hanging of her father, the incarceration of her mother, the death of her siblings, and finally the attempted murder of her 10-year-old self.

For 6 years Mia has been training so that she can be accepted into a school for would-be-assassins just like her.

Was it good?

Yes, this book is good. It would have been great except for a few awkward things here and there.

The author chooses to use footnotes to provide more detail and humorous anecdotes related to events occurring in the story. This provides a more detailed world  in which the story takes place, but has the disadvantage of ripping you away from the story. I had a hard time really submerging myself in the story until the tide of footnotes slowed down to a trickle near the end of the book. At that point, I couldn’t put the book down and once again stayed up way past my bedtime.

The second awkward thing was the intimate scenes. They were well written, but the author keeps reminding you that Mia is 16 and that she’s just a “little girl” so frequently that I feel weird about her having sex. I know teenagers will be teenagers and have very strong hormones, but I don’t want to KNOW or THINK about it. I’m 28 so it makes me feel a bit of a pedophile to read about youngsters being intimate.

The last awkward thing was the writing style. The writing style changed a few times throughout the book. Sometimes you would forget that the narrator is a narrator, and other times he would break the 3rd wall and speak directly to you, rather than tell a story. The worst part was the mirror writing in the first chapter. The narrator described two different events on the same day using almost exactly the same words, and it was kind of annoying to read. I am super glad he didn’t write the whole story like that.

Despite these items I felt the need to break my quick review pattern for, I think the story itself was really interesting, the world very well thought out, and the characters felt real to me. I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series. 

The Reading Quest

This book had 429 pages and checked off the “Weapon on the Cover” quest. (Mia is holding a dagger.)

reading-quest-board1Character Sheet


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