Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter

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What is it about?

Jason Dessen is a physics professor, married to his wife who teaches art. Together they have a 15-year-old son. They are happy.

In another reality, Jason and his wife never married. They were both wildly successful, but Jason wasn’t happy. Jason 2 is willing to go all out to achieve happiness, and Jason 1 is willing to do everything to stay where he is with his wife and child.

Was it good?

The story was intriguing, but the execution left me unsatisfied. I had a hard time connecting to the character of Jason, as he didn’t seem to process his emotions very well.

Intellectually, I know she’s right, but emotionally, that just ripped my guts out.

I am hardwired to love and protect that woman.

We’re passing through Bucktown.



That’s about all the emotional evaluation that occurs after a scene that was meant to be very sad.

Overall I was glad when the book was over, and the book was easy to put down. I know a book isn’t amazing when:

  1. I choose to clean the bathroom and not even think about reading “just a few pages” before I get started.
  2. I take two naps in one day. That’s reading time, y’all!

SPOILER Question:

If Jason and his family went to an alternate dimension, wouldn’t a bunch of other families do the same, and would they end up in the same place? 

The Reading Quest

This book had 342 pages and completed the “red cover” quest. I have until September 10 to complete the next two challenges and finish the Knight Path. I am worried, though, because my mother is coming to visit for a few days that I may not have time to read enough.

Character Sheetreading-quest-board1

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