Screw the Galaxy (Hard Luck Hank #1) by Steven Campbell

Screw The Galaxy (Hard Luck Hank, #1)

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What is it about?

Hank is thug on a space station that specializes in crime. He has been successful by being a neutral party. He helps the gang bosses by participating in negotiations, and killing people if he has too.

Hank is a mutant, and his power is that his skin is as thick as armor, and when he does get hurt he can regenerate, albeit slowly.

Hank just wants to go on minding his own business, but that’s where his bad luck comes in.

Was it good?

This book was entertaining. I want to say right of the bat that this book made me laugh on page 1. I had quite a few chuckles all the way throughout this book.

The story itself was not amazing, and seemed to have some plot holes. Also, it really bothered me that there were no scene transitions. From one paragraph to the next hours or days would pass by without even a squiggly line or any indication that you need to change your train of thought. I would have liked to see a tiny picture of his deflibinium cube to mark the change of scene, but I’m not the editor.

If you are looking for a light-hearted, slapstick, goofy read…this is the book for you. If you are looking for a thrilling science fiction space odyssey, you must keep searching.

The Reading Quest

This book met the “Verb in the title” quest requirement. “Screw” is a verb. The book at 342 pages and therefore my character received 34 HP points, and 10 XP for completing the quest. I have 3 days left to read my last book: The Clockwise Man which is adapted from the TV show Dr. Who. Thankfully, it is a short book and I might just make it!

Character Sheetreading-quest-board1

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