Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Alexander Hamilton

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I did it! I did it! I did it! I FINALLY finished listening to the Audiobook for Alexander Hamilton. 36 hours of doing dishes, walking the dog, going grocery shopping, and similar activities that my husband let me do without the kids. It took me 3 whole months.

What is it about?

The life and accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton. The man who helped shape our beautiful country of America and is the one most responsible for the financial system, the coast guard, and many other important parts of our government.

Was it good?

The book is long. The audio book is long, and very monotone. There were parts of it that were interesting, but Chernow focuses a lot on people’s opinions of Hamilton and what he was doing. He reads a lot of excerpts of letters written from a variety of Hamilton’s admirers and enemies. I think that it is important to show how things are reacted to in their time, but it was done to excess in the telling.

Also this book isn’t only about Alexander Hamilton. It spends a lot of time sharing the life story of many other important men who either assisted or worked against Hamilton. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr are some of the people included in this telling.

Still, this book has a rating of 4.26 on Goodreads, so perhaps I’m just not cultured enough to appreciate it.


17 thoughts on “Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

      1. A lot of them made names for themselves in the revolutionary war, not everyone was a great genius like Hamilton. If I remember correctly, some people described Washington as being hardly able to read!

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      2. I don’t believe leadership or common sense can be taught in a traditional school setting, which is one of the reasons I’m going to try to homeschool my boys! What do you think?

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      3. I also intend to do some intensive homeschooling for my future kids. Besides the academic knowledge kids get from school, the modern and enlightened parent should be aware that school only teaches how to place bread and butter on the table yet there is more to life than this.

        There are values, perceptions and wisdom that our children can never attain from school and this is just the reason why the world leaders seem to lack so much.

        Know what I mean?

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