Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett

Interesting Times

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Audiobook | 5/5

What is it about?

An old civilization is in turmoil as warring families fight over their right to be the next emperor. One patriarch schemes to have a “Great Wizzard” come help bring about the revolution he’s been waiting for. But Rincewind is no great Wizard. He can’t even spell wizard.

Terry Pratchett takes a satirical look at what it means to be civilized and how power is obtained in such a civilization.

Was it good?

This book was HILARIOUS. It had me laughing out loud several times, and smiling like an idiot the rest of the time. I absolutely loved it, and recommend it to everyone in a humorous mood.

Book 17 in the Discworld Series?

Don’t worry, a lot of the Discworld books still make sense as stand alone books. Having read or listened to the others ones may give you some more character background, but you can still immensely enjoy this book without having read the others.

Why an Audiobook?

I haven’t much felt like reading the last few weeks because I have a parasite (Baby) growing in my uterus and it is making me nauseated and exhausted. (We are very happy to have child #3, but the first few weeks are the hardest!)

I also have not had the mommy time I had before, where my husband would come home early and let me have an hour for myself. He still comes home early, but because our 3 Year Old stopped napping we’ve moved dinner and bedtime earlier causing me to miss out on some free time. (After bedtime is husband time. He would let me read if I wanted, but I just have been too “blegh” to do so.)

What I HAVE had time for is walking the dog by myself and listening to an audio book while I do so. I actually really enjoyed the walking and listening, and I hope I can keep doing this for a while.


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