Voyage by Stephen Baxter


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4.5/5 – Ebook

What is it about?

What if NASA managed a program to get men to Mars? This book looks at exactly what needs to happen in order to succeed in this endeavor by 1986.

Was it good?

It was unbelievably believable. The only reason it took me two months to read was because of the nausea I was feeling over that time period. Still, this book kept me thinking about it even when I didn’t have the will to make the required eye movements to read.

The main reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it started off a little slow and confusing. There are two time streams: before the launch, and during the launch. There were also many character perspectives at the beginning and I had a difficult time remember who was who.

Once I figured all that out, the book was very captivating. It looked at the science, the politics, and painted a complete and convincing picture of how NASA achieved their goals.



9 thoughts on “Voyage by Stephen Baxter

      1. I know, and it’s incredible to think he wrote the book in 1996! All that science seemed so sound, it really made me think why it didn’t happen that way! He even includes a bit at the end of the book that talks about the problems NASA had and why they never made it to Mars in real life.

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