Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

Wives and Daughters

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What is it about?

Molly Gibson is the only child of the widowed doctor in the small town of Hollingford. He has never remarried, even though Molly’s mother died when Molly was a young girl. When one of the doctor’s student’s shows a love interest in young Molly, the doctor must take drastic action to protect his daughter.

Was it good?

Despite the fact that it is getting colder and wetter here in Seattle, I have REALLY enjoyed walking my dog nearly every day for the last month. Why? It’s because I was always looking forward to and enjoying listening to this audiobook on my walks.

At 25 and a half hours, this is a very long audiobook. I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the characters, flaws and all, and I loved the setting of the book (English society shortly in the early 1800’s), and I loved the little dramas. I worried with the characters and I celebrated with them too.

Elizabeth Gaskell died before she could finish the book, but she shared enough stories with her friends and publishers that they were able to include a probable conclusion to book.

One more comment

One thing that surprises me every time I read a book in this time period is the frailty of the gentle women folk. Perhaps most of their weakness was due to poor diet and lack of exercise, and just a lack of exposure to hardship, but it sure feels like we have come a long way.


11 thoughts on “Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

    1. Sometimes I️ miss the lack of pressing a word to find out it’s meaning, and sometimes I️ zone out and miss something but I️ find it’s like watching a tv show… you can usually figure out what’s going on without having to go back.

      I️ imagine it depends a lot on the narrator and the story itself. I also try not to multitask because I️ know I️ get distracted. (Other than walking and listening or doing dishes or grocery shopping)

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      1. Ah, thanks! This actually helps a lot because this is exactly how I am. I get distracted easy. Kind of why I bought the paperwhite, since there are no distractions on it. Think I’ll give an audio book a try. Then again… I’m used to my inside voice haha.

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      2. Me too, I️ wasn’t sure I️ would like it. I️ listened to the discworld Books by Terry Pratchett while driving to work (before I️ had kids who are very demanding and distracting) and I️ really loved them. I️ would recommend trying one of those… the guy does an amazing job with the voices!

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      3. Going to look into it, thanks! I’m kind of picky when it comes to voices, haha. I wouldn’t mind hearing a story bring read by the voice actor for Scar in the lion king. He did some documentaries, and it just added to the whole feel of the surroundings.

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