Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Radio Silence

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What is it about?

Frances Javier is a 17-year-old girl struggling with societal pressure to get into a good school. Her passion in life is art, but art does not get you into Cambridge, so she hides her   passion until she gets invited to participate in making her favorite YouTube show ever.

“YOU’RE AN IDIOT,” said Mum, when I relayed to her the entire situation on Wednesday. “Not an unintelligent idiot, but a sort of naive idiot who manages to fall into a difficult situation and then can’t get out of it because she’s too awkward.”

Was it good?

Despite the description above, the book was NOT boring. It is told in Frances’ teenage voice, and the book feels like a really fast read. There are friendships made and broken, passion and life discovered. This book made me laugh and cry, and that doesn’t happen very often to me. 

I enjoyed this book and I think it is a very charming coming of age story.

You probably think that Aled Last and I are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and I am a girl. I just wanted to say— We don’t. That’s all.

Turkey Travel

It took me a few days to read this book because there was very little time for reading with traveling for Thanksgiving! We had a very nice few days in Texas to spend with our family. I hope you guys had a nice holiday, too!

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