Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari & Eric Klinenberg

Modern Romance

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Audiobook narrated by Aziz Ansari

What is it about?

Together with Eric Klinenberg, Aziz has investigated how modern technologies (such as dating sites and smart phones) have impacted our dating lives. He also explores how some other cultures date.

Was it good?

The book was very interesting, and Aziz did a great job narrating. He’s kind of mean to you for being too lazy to read, but it’s all done in a funny way.

The book felt like it was well researched and had some very eye-opening facts!

Anything else?

If you are not aware, Aziz is a comedian. He was also on the show Parks and Recreation. I think he’s a decently funny guy, but I haven’t listened to very much of his stand-up.

Still, the book isn’t meant to be a stand-up routine. It is actually researched and they did a lot of focus groups to get their examples and data.



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