2017 Wrap-Up

2017 has come and gone. Here are some facts about my year. The reading data only goes back to April when I started blogging about these books.

I am too technologically inept to provide fancy graphs. I just can’t figure out this open-office thing.

I read 55 books since I returned to blogging at the end of April. Whoo!!

Of these 55,

7 were Audiobooks which took 104 hours to listen to,

6 were physical books,

and 42 were ebooks on my lovely kindle.

48 books amounted to 18,163 pages. 

My most popular genres were Fantasy (16 Books), and Sci-Fi (14 Books)

It was a pretty enjoyable period of reading. Of the 55 books, I gave 37 of them 4 or more stars. (Out of 5)

My Average rating was 3.8, which means… I liked it, a lot! 

I hope you had a wonderful 2017, I know I did!

Aside from reading:

  • We got to see our Texas family a lot this year, and even had time for family vacation!
  • I made a new friend (and so did my kids) when a new family moved into the neighborhood.
  • We had our deck upgraded, and finally have a fence in the backyard. (Now I can keep track of the kids and the dog!)
  • The kids are just awesome. At 3 and 1 they are learning and growing so much. Sometimes things get stressful and loud, but mostly they are great.

Happy 2018! 

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