Ancillary Mercy (#3) – Ann Leckie

Ancillary Mercy

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4/5 AI Cores

This is the 3rd book in the Imperial Radch series.

What is it about?

Breq is the last remnant of the AI from the ship Justice of Toren. 20 Years ago Radch leader Anaandar Miannai (I apologize for misspelling these names…) destroyed her ship and almost destroyed Breq itself. This book is the conclusion to the trilogy which followed Breq’s quest for revenge.

No spoilers, but Breq and the friends she/he has made along the way have really grown a lot over the last few books, and they always find themselves in unique and dangerous situations.

Is it good?

Book 3 was great! Book 2 was great! Book 1 was great! I really enjoyed this whole trilogy. There is not a huge amount of physical action, but there is a lot of political maneuvering. I think this was still written in an interesting way.

This series also draws your attention to the fact that even 3000 years into the future Racism is still a problem. The book also asks the questions, are free thinking AI’s a significant being?

I think this series was an interesting portrayal of where humans could find themselves in 3000 years, and the sort of problems that we would face as we succumb to our human instincts and return to fighting amongst ourselves.

If you like science fiction and futuristic worlds, then I think you will really enjoy this series. I did!



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