Dreams and Reason by Juliet Valcourt

dreams and reason

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3/5 Stolen Kisses

What is it about?

I stopped reading the description of the book on net galley after the words “Jane Austen” because I have always enjoyed Jane Austen stories. That was my mistake, as this book is not just a period romance like Jane Austen would write it. There is that aspect and then there are fairies and ghosts mixed in.

Basically, Caroline “Caro” Fyfe is the eldest daughter in a busy 1930’s household. She is in love with her childhood best friend, Tom Daley, who recently married a girl from a different town. While Caroline does her best to accept this, Tom discovers he is unhappy in his marriage and wishes he could go back and choose Caroline instead.

Was it good?

It was okay. There is a lot that happens in the story to keep you interested and wondering about the characters, but I didn’t like the writing style. We get to see perspectives of all the major characters (Caro, Tom, her sister Maryanne), and hear all of their secret inner thoughts as well. This method left little to the imagination and took some of the “oooh I wonder what will happen” mystery out of the book. Some of the writing was very poetic, and I did enjoy the references and quotes from Jane Austen and popular poets in that day.

I also thought that most of the relationships in this book felt toxic, and there were very few happy people. Everyone was manipulative or selfish, and even sensible Caroline makes horrible decisions.

Finally, I wish the Fairy/Ghost things would have been the focus of the story, rather than just a mechanism for making things happen.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 



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