This Phenomenal Life by Misha Maynerick Blaise

phenomenal life

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5/5 Wonders of Nature

What is it about?

Just like it says on the cover, this book is about the AMAZING ways we are connected with our universe… and each other.

Was it good?

To steal words from the cover of the book, this book was PHENOMENAL and AMAZING. Nearly 145 pages of colorful illustrations and fascinating facts about our world and ourselves. The facts are laid out with short explanatory paragraphs, about one fact per page spread.

I originally checked this out for my kids from the library based on an unschool (homeschool) blog recommendation, but ended up reading the whole thing in nearly one sitting. I couldn’t put it down and I was so extremely fascinating and flabbergasted.

I highly recommend this for any curious person, no matter their age!


Suitable for Kids

I read 1/3 of it to my 3 year old at bedtime today, and he described it as “Spooky”. He explained that he was not afraid because he was a Troodon and Troodon’s aren’t scared of anything. A Troodon is a type of dinosaur, so he was especially excited to learn that he could have carbon atoms inside of him that once were a part of a dinosaur.

Re-reading this book is great because there is a lot of information even though it is condensed. I imagine that I will learn something new everytime I read it for a long time.

I definitely want a copy of this on our shelf.


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