Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Glass Sword

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Fantasy Series

2/5 Scars

  1. Red Queen – 5/5 Volts*
  2. Glass Sword – 2/5 Scars
  3. King’s Cage – To read or not to read… that is the question.
  4. War Storm – To be released May 15, 2018

What is it about?

In the Red Queen we discovered a world where people are valued based on their color of blood. Either you are a Silver with some sort of elemental magic, or you are a Red with no power. Reds are the largest part of the population but are treated as lowly slaves.

Mare Barrow has red blood, but she is far from ordinary. In book 2 she continues to defy the people who would oppress her and her people.

Was it good?

Ugh. No. I very much did not like this book because Mare was such a self-centered drama queen. A word that rhymes with itch would be an accurate description.

Perhaps the problem was that the book I read before this was The Bear and the Nightingale whose beautiful and lyrical story telling style transported me to another dimension that made me feel like that story was actually happening.

In contrast, Glass Sword just felt like the rambling stream of consciousness of a self-centered teenage girl. She wouldn’t know a good person if they came up saved her life multiple times. *cough* Kilorn *cough*. The way she treats everyone around her just made me feel so frustrated.

I was sure I wouldn’t want to read book 3, but that cliff hanger was the best part of the book and I find myself curious. Have any of you readers out there read further along in this series, and does Mare’s behavior get more tolerable?

*In hindsight

I wonder if I gave book one (Red Queen) 5 stars because I was on a cruise with my husband and no kids. That would put anyone in a good mood, right? It seems really strange to feel so different about 2 books in the same series.

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