Winter by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #4)


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Fantasy Series (Book 4)

Audiobook: 23 hours 30 minutes narrated by

4/5 Poisoned apples


  1. Cinder (5/5)
  2. Scarlet (4/5)
  3. Cress (5/5)
  4. Winter (4/5)

What is it about?

This is the conclusion to the Cyborg vs Evil Queen story that began with Cinder. Each book joins a new character to the cast who is based on a fairytale. (Cinder = Cinderella, Scarlet = Red Riding Hood, Cress = Rapunzel, Winter = Snow White.) So we have all the classic Snow White elements, plus cyborg superiority.

Was it good?

Yes, it is really good. But at 23 hours or 800+ pages it is a longer book than those previously included in the series, and it feels long throughout some of the parts.

I managed to listen to most of the audiobook, but ended up requesting the hardcover from the library because I just wasn’t finding the time to listen to audiobooks. I also have to refrain from using my Kindle throughout the day because if my 2 and 4-year-old see it, then they want to play games and watch videos.

My husband bought me some Air Pods for Mother’s Day so now I can listen to audiobooks at night when the new baby wakes up hungry or has trouble sleeping, or I can listen to music while I read on my Kindle. I love them!


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