The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud


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Fantasy – Trilogy (Book 1)

3/5 Pentacles

What is it about?

Nathaniel is an apprentice wizard to a low-level government wizard. (In London, the government is run completely by wizards.) When he is humiliated by one of his master’s coworkers he embarks on a dangerous quest of revenge. With the help of Bartimaeus, a djinn or demon depending on your point of view, they cause a lot of trouble and then try to fix it.

Was it good?

It was interesting, but I thought Bartimaeus was trying too hard to be funny. I ended up skipping some of the footnotes, because I tend to find footnotes distracting and these were mostly just snide side comments.

If you like reading about London, magicians or wizards, or you enjoy sassy demons, then you might enjoy this book.

I might keep reading the series if I stumble across it, but I’m not going to go out of my way to follow through on it.

Confession of magical ignorance…

I read 90% of the book thinking that drawing a pentacle or pentagram was the same thing as drawing a pentagon. They are definitely not the same thing.

Image result for drawing a pentacle

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