How Children Fail by John Holt

How Children Fail

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3/5 School Days

What is it about?

Mostly it’s about how children cope with the stress of school, and how these methods are not conducive to real learning.

Was it good?

It was relatable and felt true, but I did not care for the fact that it was a bunch of memos he had written before he ever thought to write a book. As such, it is not nearly as fluent and organized as some of his other books.

The Nightmare

I was a successful student, yet now and then I have such nightmares myself. In mine I am always going to a class from which, without the slightest excuse, I have been absent for months. I know that I am hopelessly behind in the work, and that my long absence is going to get me in serious trouble, of what sort I am not sure. Yet 1 feel I cannot stay away any longer, I have to go.

This is a quote from the book, and yet I have the same exact nightmare every few months. Mine are college classes that are the last one or two I need to complete for my degree and it’s past the drop date and will absolutely ruin my GPA.

I actually thought college was easier than high school, but never had big problems with either (except for pre-calculus). I guess I was more affected by it than I thought.

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