Maus by Art Spiegelman


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Memoir / Graphic Novel

5/5 Mouseholes

What is it about?

Maus is a survival tale. Vladek Spiegelman (Art’s father) is hard to get along with, but Art makes extra efforts in order to hear his father’s survival of the holocaust story.

Was it good?

The story was enthralling and heartbreaking at the same time. This is my first time reading a graphic novel in at least ten years, but I forgot I was reading a graphic novel at least half the time. The story was very absorbing and the pictures just helped bring it to life.

What is your favorite graphic novel?

I think I’m ready to try another one…

10 thoughts on “Maus by Art Spiegelman

  1. Omg. Maus is one of my favorite graphic novels. I shouldn’t say favorite. It’s one of the most well-done? I love the symbolism in it and it is beautiful in its quiet moments. I read it back in 2013 and I have read others since. I still rate it amongst the top.

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  2. My favorite GN is a little book called Rollergirl. It’s by Victoria Jamieson and it’s about roller derby, something I only know from the Ellen Page film a few years back. This book is about a younger girl, whose childhood friend isn’t so cool with her anymore and she is trying to find her way in the world of junior high. Roller Derby is her passion, but she’s not very good…yet. 🙂

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