A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas


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Fantasy Series (Book 3 of 3.5)

3/5 Wings

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses – 3/5 Ash Arrows
  2. A Court of Mist and Fury – 5/5 Fae Friends Working Together
  3. A Court of Wings and Ruin – 3/5 Wings

What is it about?

Can I assume you have read the first two books in the series? If you have never read Sarah J. Maas, then I would recommend starting with the Throne of Glass Series.

Anyways, if you have made it this far, then you know that war is coming. King Hybern has plans to enslave all humans and lesser fae, and only a few passionate high fae stand in his way. Feyre will do anything to stop him, but how much of herself will she lose in the process?

Was it good?

It was good, but it was not great. There was ample drama and the fight scenes were fascinating. However, I do believe that Feyre tends to confuse Sex with Love, and there was a lot of the former which was disconcerting as I was somehow under the impression this was a young adult story. The sex was not realistic at all as every glance and touch made her lose her mind. (Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, I just feel awkward reading about sex while surrounded by 3 little kids.)

My last complaint is that I can’t picture any of these characters. They are all beautiful, or more than beautiful, or devastatingly beautiful, and half of them were super beautiful with wings, but what does beautiful even mean anymore?

Can I make a bad joke here and say this book was “fairy” disappointing? Hehehe…

6 thoughts on “A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

    1. There’s probably a good reason for that! This series didn’t live up to my expectations which were high due to the hype. Still, when something is very hyped I tend to be curious why… and I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on something awesome!


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