Commonwealth by Ann Patchett


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3/5 Oranges

Audiobook narrated by Hope Davis

What is it about?

It’s hard to say exactly what it’s about. The book follows different members of two families that are linked by infidelity. It doesn’t focus on the infidelity but that’s the jumping point of the story and many other tragedies of various importance happen along the way.

Was it good?

Ann Patchett has a way of making everyday conversations and actions seem interesting. I enjoyed the whole book. Hope Davis did a fantastic job narrating. She was able to express all of the characters and all of the emotions so well. I would gladly listen to more stories from her.

The reason I didn’t rate the book any higher is that I still haven’t figured out what the point of the story was. At the end it just felt like many excerpts from the families memories. For the most part they were well woven together and I felt like they were building to something, but I must have missed it because it just seemed to taper off at the end.

To be fair, though, if I were to tell a story about my life to a friend I would inevitable end up finishing by saying, “Well, here we are now… can I get you another drink?”.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.

What is your drink of choice?

It seemed like most people in this book either drank screwdrivers (hence the oranges on the cover) or gin. I’ve never had gin, but I don’t imagine I would like it. What is your drink of choice? Do you drink different things if you are depressed or stressed?

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