House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke

house of the rising sun

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Historical Fiction

2/5 Smoking Guns

What is it about?

Hackberry Holland has been estranged from his son since his son was a small boy. When he follows his grown-up soldier son to Mexico he comes across a historical object that entangles him in all sorts of trouble.

This is book 4 in a series, but you don’t need to read the others for it to make sense.

Was it good?

This book really made me uncomfortable, but maybe that should be counted as a positive? Just because it made me want to go into my kid’s rooms and make sure they were all still safe in their beds does not mean that you wouldn’t like this story.

Still, aside from worrying about my kids, I didn’t feel a whole lot of empathy for the characters. I also found the conversations hard to follow. It felt like the characters were often having different conversations at the same time.

If you like cowboys, religious artifacts, Mexico or Texas, and the importance of family, then you may enjoy this book.



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