A mini meme: Food and Drinks

books and tea

What is your favorite drink? 

Tea! It’s very versatile and has such a large variety of flavors.

Can you think of any books where the characters drink it at least as much as you?

  1. The Good Daughter – One of the characters in the book goes to so far as to pack her favorite brand of tea when she travels. I haven’t done that because my taste buds aren’t very sophisticated and one earl grey tastes much like another earl grey unless they added something special to it.
  2. Ancillary Mercy or any of the Imperial Radch trilogy – These guys drink tea all day every day. I think it might be part of the religion, or at least it’s very much a part of their culture. Now if I couldn’t drink tea anymore, I don’t think it would alter my life that drastically, but I do drink it 2-4 cups a day.
  3. The Iron Druid brews a special Vitali-tea that has kept him young and strong for 2,000 years. Give me some of that! (But not too much because I really don’t want to outlive my husband and kids. The druid isn’t allowed to share it except with other druids so I would apparently have to train for 13 years first. Nevermind, just give me some of the Gunpowder green tea. )

What is your favorite food?

Bratwurst. ‘Nuff said.

Can you think of any books where the characters eat your favorite food?

I can’t. But if you have recently read an interesting book that involves bratwurst… I would love to hear about it.

What is your favorite dessert?

Chili’s Chocolate Molten Cake. My second favorite is any form of giant chocolate chip cookie covered in vanilla ice-cream. (Dear Chili’s: I’m super sad that the only Chili’s in Seattle was in the airport, and I think that closed down last year. It’s been 4 years of not enough cake.)

Would you rather have a life-time supply of dessert or a life-time supply of books? 

Man I’m coming up with some silly questions. Books, of course!!

Now you do it! 

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