Book Discussion: What does the end of the world look like?


I’m finally doing it! I’m reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Mistborn Trilogy. Although I just learned (5 seconds ago) that to call this a trilogy is a downright lie. The series has 6 books, albeit with a 300 year gap in between book 3 and 4. Apparently, people love these books because out of the 6 that have been written, the worst one is rated 4.21 on goodreads. I trust goodreads. Don’t you?


I started reading this book a full week ago, right around the time that the winds were blowing the smoke from all the wildfires around Washington State toward the humble city of Seattle.


I won’t go so far as to say that ash was falling from the sky like snow, or that mist was curling around us at night, but it definitely set the right mood for reading this series.

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Which book series do you think best describes what our planet will be like a few centuries from now, assuming we don’t all change our ways and start taking care of this thing we call home? 

I think the ashy/misty Mistborn world is a likely candidate, but I am also terrible fond of The Broken Earth world by N.K. Jemisin. Not that I want to live there! I just mean, that the things in nature are living and it stands to reason that the earth is living as well. Why shouldn’t it fight back and try to rid itself of humanity who has been so cruel to it?


6 thoughts on “Book Discussion: What does the end of the world look like?

  1. I actually haven’t read either of these series’ (I do want to read Mistborn eventually! I’ve read other stuff by Sanderson), but this question is so interesting! Definitely thought of Emily St John Mandel’s Station Eleven; it’s not exactly about how humanity dies but what happens to everyone after, and it’s very invested in the emotional aspect. Not a series though.

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    1. I do really like it so far! I stopped reading in the middle of a fight with the inquisitors (in book 1) this morning at 6 am (feeding the baby) and it’s really bothering me not to know what happens!

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