Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

Sweet Little Lies

Amazon | Goodreads

Mystery (Cat Kinsella #1)

3/5 Accusations

What is it about?

18 years ago, a 17 year old girl disappeared, and the last person to see her may have been Cat Kinsella’s father. This idea has haunted her and shaped her whole life and her career choice to become a detective. When a body is discovered within shouting distance of her father’s pub it raises old questions… is her father a killer?

Was it good?

This a debut novel for the author, Caz Frear. It is a police procedural, and from that perspective it was very good. I very much enjoyed discovering the evidence alongside Cat and her various partners and puzzling out the mystery. Plus I am always a sucker for English and Irish scenery and characters.

What I didn’t like was Cat herself. She was quick to anger and held on to some far-fetched ideas. She walks a gray line even though she doesn’t seem to share much loyalty to her family. I think what I’m trying to say is that her motivation is questionable and that made her character hard to believe.


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