Embers of Liberty by Trever Bierschbach

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Dystopian / Fiction


I received a copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

What is it about?

After America was attacked by terrorists, the president declared emergency powers and to halt the election. He remained president for as long as there was a threat and slowly took away American’s rights and in return he gave everyone a job and a place to live. A few states (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona) seceded from the union and formed the New Republic of Texas.

John Evermann remembers what freedom was like, and he wants freedom for his children. He wants them to learn to be responsible and choose their own profession, and to be able to laugh and love and be happy. So he and several neighbors that feel the same way will try to sneak out of America and into the Republic of Texas.

Was it good?

I enjoyed this story and these characters. I especially enjoyed the development of the federal officer who is obsessed with capturing John and his refugees.

The biggest drawback on this book is that it could use another round of editing. Normally this makes me not want to read a book, but this one was still very enjoyable.

If you enjoy dystopian reads, battles for freedom, long, harrowing, journeys, then you would enjoy this story.

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