Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I loved with fewer than 2,000 ratings on Goodreads

Top Ten Tuesday is organized by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s topic was really easy for me, because you can organize your Goodreads’ “Read” list by rating and show the column for number of ratings. So this week I actually have 10 responses, and they are really interesting! These are all 5 star reads and I hope you love them, too!

This Phenomenal Life by Misha Blaise has only 113 ratings but deserves a whole lot more. This book is beautiful and informative. If you have any curiosity about this galaxy, this planet, or it’s inhabitants then you should check out this book.

How to Grow a Dinosaur by Jill Esbaum has 219 ratings. There were actually quite a number of kids’ books on my list but I’m trying to limit the list. This one is an adorable story about bringing a new baby home and how the big sibling can help out. I loved reading it, and my kids enjoyed reading it, too.

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons by Patrick Rothfuss. I read this recently and really enjoyed the comic book. It only has 237 ratings.  

Baby Sign Language Basics has 519 ratings. There may be other, better books out there by now but when I read this 4 years ago I found it really easy to understand and inspirational. We have done baby sign language with all 3 of our kids. My 9 month old is starting to get the hang of it (I’m pretty sure he tried to sign “water” earlier.) and my other two kids knew all of the vehicle (bus, car, plane), animal (dog, lion, bear, cow), and basic (hello, eat, more, etc) signs. It was amazing for figuring out what they wanted and were interested in and helped prevent many meltdowns.

I mentioned this book in my January Wrap-Up post as being my favorite kid’s book in January. The illustrations are super cute and the rhyming text is nice to read. This book has a whopping 842 ratings.

Learning All The Time by John Holt has 1,121 ratings. This is another one of my favorite homeschool books. It also supports the idea that children learn all day every day and that they learn best the things they enjoy and are interested in.


This book only has 1,240 ratings but it is my favorite cookbook. Everything I have tried to make out of this was delicious. Everything except the Thai Coconut Soup, but I should have seen that coming. I’m going to list somethings to get you drooling: Bacon Wrapped Pork chops, Potato, Leek, and Kielbasa soup, Beef and Broccoli, Lamb Gyro, Chocolate Chip Cookies, etc. etc. etc. And the best part is that it’s in small portions… so things aren’t wasted because my picky husband doesn’t like that the roast chicken was sitting on top of the Brussel sprouts. (Amazing, by the way.)

BIGLAW by Lindsay Cameron has 1,289 ratings. I gave this 5 stars in August 2017 and it was a very good lawyer in big law firm story.

Free to Learn by Peter Gray was the first book I read about “Unschooling”. Unschooling is the belief that children learn best through play and exploring. They learn best the things they are interested in. Just like your baby learns to walk and talk, children can learn mathematics, science and history all by following their interests. Really fascinating stuff. Ask me in 18 years if it worked out. It only has 1,510 ratings on Goodreads. I highly recommend this book if you are considering homeschooling.

Copper Chain by James Maxwell is the 3rd book in the Shifting Tides series. The whole Series was AWESOME and I highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in dragons, shape shifters, sea voyages, epic battles and conflict between nations.

I hope you try at least one of these books, because they are all AWESOME. Happy reading!!

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