Overdue book review: The Mermaid by Christina Henry

Historical Fiction | Fantasy

325 pages

P.T. Barnum really really really wants a mermaid for his museum of oddities. Amelia is a real mermaid who was lured by the lonely eyes of a fisherman to life on shore. Amelia agrees to work for P.T. Barnum but life as an exhibit makes her feel like a prisoner.

This book was okay. I read it 5 months ago but I seem to remember the story progression felt really slow and none of the characters felt really likable.

Personally, I always like to feel like the narrator or main character is a friend of mine that was telling me about something that happened to them. This book did not meet that criteria.

The book had multiple perspectives so that you knew P.T. intended to trap the mermaid the whole time and she seemed to know it too, but still agreed to do the exhibit.

Generally I really like mermaids, but this focused less on the magic and more on living inside a museum.

What is your favorite mermaid story?

Here are two that I liked better:

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