Hey There, Earth Dweller! by Marc ter Horst

Non-Fiction / Children’s

176 pages

Amazon | Goodreads

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book was published April 9, 2019.

Hey There, Earth Dweller is a science and nature book that aims to describe the included subjects in a simple way that elementary age kids should be able to understand and presents it in a way that the child would find interesting and enjoyable.

I read at least half of it out loud to my 3 and 5-year-olds (that’s why it took me 6 months!) and they really enjoyed the volcano and extreme weather sections the most. The 3-year-old fell asleep several times on other sections.

I really like the cute illustrations that accompany the text, however the pictures often don’t line up with the text correctly. (For example, the book will tell you about the moon and then you’ll see a picture of the moon on the next page when it’s already talking about the sun.)

Also, sometimes the explanations were too simple or too brief and therefor I didn’t gain anything by reading about those topics. (The one that stands out the most is the “Race for the Map” section where Horst talks about the different countries and cultures who explored the world and added to our knowledge of the world.)

Overall, I would describe this as an interesting introduction or supplementary reading for earth sciences. I will keep it around for my kids to look at as they get older.

On a somewhat related note…. I gave into the desire to be able to measure our homeschool learning and successes and purchased a Kindergarten curriculum for my 5-year-old. I’m actually super duper excited about it. It’s called Build Your Library and all of the activities are literature based. The first year will take us around the world to learn about the people, places, cultures, and animals through literature, cooking, poetry, art, and more.

It lacks the math aspect but I have a bunch of workbooks that we already own and can start out with and when our friends start kindergarten in September we can take a peek at their curriculum and see if we are missing anything important.

My books for the curriculum will not arrive for a week or two so my goal this week is to experiment with a routine that can work for us. We haven’t done a whole lot of scheduled learning activities before, so it may take some time to transition. The reading should be no problem because we already read a lot, except I will be “choosing” the books more frequently.

I’m really excited and I’ll probably mention how it’s going every now and then… but wish us luck!

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