The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker

Self-development / Non-Fiction

240 pages / 10 hours 7 minutes

Amazon | Goodreads

I listened to the audiobook for this while walking the dog and pulling weeds over the last few weeks. It is about what mothers can do to make more happiness in their lives. There are 10 habits, or suggestions, and even though I just finished the book today I can only remember some of them.

The habits I remember include: have many friends, but also make time to be alone. Have hope. You should address and release your fears. You should trust in someone or something. You should simplify your family’s life.

I actually agreed with some of her ideas. For example, I totally would have lots of friends if they would have me, and I always do feel better after having a complete conversation with another like minded adult. (It’s really hard making friends in a new town for someone as introverted as myself.)

I also agree with having hope, facing your fears, and simplifying your life.

What I didn’t like was her attitude about other things. The quote below took place in habit 1 or 2 and is a good example of when she includes her personal opinions that annoyed me or I disagree with. (Green is my favorite color.)

“Is anyone’s favorite color green, which is often associated with sickness and vomit?”

Meg Meeker

I also found this book to be too “Faith in God” based for me. I’m not a religious person and Meeker very clearly is. Faith gets brought up in every chapter. In her defense, she doesn’t say you have to have a faith in any sort of God, but she does say it helps.

Overall, I’m glad I listened to it. I especially like the idea of changing the way you talk to gradually change the way you think and put more positivity in your life.

This book is not a magic happy pill you can read once and be happy forever, but it does provide some thoughtful ideas and suggestions. I’m hopeful I can put some of them into practice.

Ooh. I just remembered another one. Say NO to competition. That’s a good one. Each child and mom is different and there’s no sense in comparing and competing. Easier said than done, but something that should be done!

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