Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence

Fantasy Series / Book 2 of 3

416 pages

The Series

  1. Red Sister – 5/5 – Review
  2. Grey Sister – 4/5
  3. Holy Sister – Released April 4, 2019


You should definitely start with Red Sister in which Nona Grey is introduced. Nona Grey is a young girl training to be an assassin . Even though a year or two have passed since the horrific events in book 1, Nona has not forgotten. Now she has to fight her guilt for not having gotten revenge yet while continuing her training. Book 2 opens to her having been advanced to Mystic class and immediately falling foul of her new classmates.

Was it good?

Yes! It was very good. I’m officially putting Mark Lawrence on my “I would read anything by this author” list. He’s now up there with Jane Austen and Laini Taylor.

I enjoyed reading this book very much but I did not love book 2 nearly as much as I loved book 1.

Book 2 included Abbess Glass’ point of view and I don’t remember that happening in book 1. I always get a little grumpy when you take me away from my favorite characters… even if I later learn to like the new point of view.

I have about 2 weeks until it’s my turn to have Holy Sister from the library. Unfortunately they do not have a copy of Bound, the short story that goes between Grey Sister and Holy Sister.

Have any of you readers read the short story? Should I ask my husband to give it to me for Mothers Day? Haha, who am I kidding? Of course I should!

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