Read Aloud Spotlight

Spending time reading with your children is important. It is the easiest way of sharing your love of books with them, and has so many additional benefits which include (but are not limited to) expanding their vocabulary, exposing them to new concepts, preparing them for their own reading journey, and spending time connecting with you in a positive way.

Below are some books that I have especially enjoyed sharing with my children lately.

These two books are the ones that my 5 year old has requested most. Or at least these two books are the only books he’s asked for that aren’t the Berenstain Bears, which he has been obsessed with for the last 5 months.

Earth Day — Hooray by Stuart Murphy is a book about 3 school children who collect aluminum cans to recycle so that they can buy flowers for a park where they are having their Earth Day celebration. The book is filled with colorful and interesting pictures, and the story is pretty well written. That means I don’t mind reading it over and over again.

This book also exposes the kids to large and different numbers, as well as problem solving and working hard toward a goal that may seem impossible at first.

The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller is a silly story about what would happen if the states got together and decided they wanted to switch places with each other. This book also sneaks in some information about those states that the children seem to find interesting. It can be difficult to read because it’s half story and half states talking to each other all over the page, but if you are in a good mood then you can definitely have fun with it.

This book inspired my 5 year old to scramble the state puzzle we have, and then asked me to read all the sq. ft / population information (included at the back of the book) as he put each state back in the right place.

Tall and Short by Jonathan Litton is a cute board book about opposites that is written in simple rhyming text with bright and colorful illustrations. The book also has little cut outs on all the pages that my 1 year old loves to poke his fingers through.

I make this a very physical read to make it even more fun. For example, when Cheetah goes fast I move the book back and forth super fast, and when monkey is high I move the book as far up as I can make it and down to the floor when crocodile is low. He giggles a lot when we read this and I just love to hear him giggle.

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