June Wrap-Up

Hello friends!

In June I finished reading:

I only wrote reviews for Early Riser and Aurora Rising. Check out that review here. Both of the books were awesome.

The Hate U Give and Darkness Shows the Stars were both good, but life has been too busy for me to write out my thoughts.

I haven’t even read this whole last week because I had a “grass is greener” on the other side with my homeschool curriculum. If you’re not interested in my homeschooling adventures then you may as well stop reading now; the rest of this post is just me talking about that. I can’t help but talk about the thing that’s absorbed my life and taken so much reading time away from me!

It’s 90% my fault, but I have been dissatisfied with my original curriculum which was BuildYourLibrary Level 0. I made it to week 7 but wasn’t enjoying some of the books in the South America section and due to inconsistency I lost a lot of motivation and started questioning whether or not it was the right choice. Then I found Torchlight Level K, which has a very similar philosophy but has even more books, more modern books, includes music, famous composers, famous artists, and more hands on science. Long story short, I bought the curriculum and then spent 5-6 hours combining the two curriculums and planning the first three weeks.

The bad news is that neither of these curriculums has math or much composition. Frank is pretty awesome with math already though, so I think we’re okay for now. (I can’t help but brag that he started counting by 2’s all the way to 12 just for fun. )

The wonderful news is that the Plano library has nearly all of the books we need, so I don’t need to buy a whole bunch of new books. Also, the closest Plano library has a pretty cool play area for the kids which means I can actually look for books instead of chasing my 1 year old and trying to put back all the books he tore off of the shelf.

My homeschool plan is now figured out for a few weeks. I feel reinvigorated and ready to go.

This is my plan:

  1. Homeschool every [week]day around 2:00pm.
  2. I gave each boy a separate shelf for all the things I would like them to get done this week and they can choose which activity they want to work on. I made index cards for things like videos and music they can watch and listen to.
  3. I want to break up the homeschool sessions with more physical activity like stretches and dancing and just being silly and having fun.

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