I’m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagan

Amazon | Goodreads

266 pages

Contemporary Fiction

What is it about?

Penny is a working mother of two who feels trapped and burdened by her responsibilities. She feels like her husband isn’t paying attention to her or the kids and she has to take care of everyone and everything by herself.

When her best friend dies unexpectedly, Penny realizes that she must address the problems in her life head on if she wants things to change.

Was it good?

I read this book because the last contemporary novel I read was funny and really enjoyable. I really liked the title of this book, so I thought it would be funny, too.

It was not funny, but it WAS still enjoyable despite the serious subject matter.

I found the main character, Penny, was extremely relatable. I stay home with my 3 boys so our situation is not the exact same, but I also share the desire to show everyone that my family is perfect even though that is rarely the case. And, I also share the urge to run away sometimes when things get out of hand.

Overall this was a great story about taking the initiative and asking for the things you want, even if it turns out those aren’t the things you need.

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