The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren

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What is it about?

Noisy Village is made up of 3 farms that are a stones throw away from each other and the 6 kids that live on those farms. It is told from the perspective of Lisa, a 9 year old girl, and focuses largely on holidays, birthdays, and the end of school.

Was it good?

We read this as part of our kindergarten homeschool to learn more about Sweden.

My kids are 5, 3, 1. The 5 year old liked it the most, and has even asked my husband to read it again at bedtime. The 3 year old liked it, but not as much as his wooden train set, so he missed a chapter here and there. The 1 year old, of course, didn’t care about it at all except to keep ripping out the bookmark.

As an adult, I thought the story was “cute” but the hijinks and even some of the holiday traditions were better suited to a slightly older audience. I skipped a little bit of the Christmas tradition, for example, because I’m not ready to just come out and tell my kids that Santa Clause is make believe. I like to take a more “well, what do you think?” approach to those questions.

So, the verdict is that the kids enjoyed it. It captivated their attention and taught them a few new games.

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