Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Read Aloud / Classic / Middle Grade

Farmer Boy is a year in the life of Almanzo Wilder, who would one day grow up and marry Laura Ingalls. In this story, Almanzo is 9-10 years old and the book talks about all the things that happen on the farm or in the town throughout that year.

Oh, the animals, the variety of all the hard work, the county fair, and OHMYGOD the food. This book was fascinating from the very start and as soon as it was over my 3 year old shouted “I want to hear it again”, and my 5 year old actually agreed with him. (It’s important to note that they are at that stage where they don’t agree on anything.)

This story is beautifully told and the narrator in the audio book, Cherry Jones, did a great job. She sounded like she was really enjoying the book, too. I was laughing and teary eyed and anxious and surprised. I honestly think this is my favorite book from the Little House series and I am mad at myself that I never wanted to read it before now.

The book also has a lot of value from a homeschool standpoint. It’s historical fiction and gives you such a detailed view of what life was like in that time period. There is so much detail on the farm work and life near a small town. The butter buyer, the cobbler, the tin seller, the school teacher… all of those interactions were so necessary and fascinating.

The wisdom that Almanzo’s father shares about money, kindness, and hardwork is also a great bonus.

This story captured my children’s imagination. They are recreating the farm with their lego duplo sets (including the butter buyer) and they are running around the house pretending to be little colts jumping over Almanzo’s head

We loved this book, and we hope that you do, too!

Happy Reading.

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