Happy Limerick Day

May 12th is the birthday of english artist and author Edward Lear, who is known mostly for his nonsense poetry. It is also used to celebrate the Limerick.

I’m not nearly so talented as Mr. Lear but I attempted to write my own:


There once was a mom who liked reading,

but her boys she was busy feeding.

Finally they went to bed,

to rest their sleepy head,

and soon, the books call she was heeding.


Why don’t you try to write one, too?

Happy Reading (and writing)!


Idea Idea… I see ya!

Now that I am trying, it seems as if a dam has been broken and ideas are just flooding over the wood splinters that used to hold in the tide. Granted, most of those ideas aren’t very good… like the metaphor I was trying to use about the dam.

But I have had some interesting ideas for children’s books. I think I’m stuck in the silly rhyme phase because that’s what Little Man likes, and my life revolves around him. Literally, I just hover around him all day.

So the question is, how do I focus on one idea at a time without losing all the new ideas that come along the way. [And also, how do you differentiate between good and bad ideas?] As to the first question, I can only surmise that the best course of action would be to write everything down. Perhaps I need to get myself a little detective notebook and keep it in my pocket all day long? Then at the end of the day I can re-read the list and cross most of it off as too silly. [As to question number two, I’m going to trust my One and Only not only to keep my secrets but to tell me when I’m going down the wrong path.]

So I tried to make a little book prototype today, and it turns out I can’t draw. I haven’t shown my work to F. (he would try to eat it) but I assume little kids aren’t great fans of stick figures. Yet I feel that the pictures are necessary. I feel that they help keep me focused on what I am trying to say without having me get stuck on certain word choices. Does anyone else find this method helpful?

I think I’d rather lurk

on WordPress

than do some work

sadly, they pay me less.

Brag TIME:

Little Man learned how to say “Baby” in sign language, and I swear he tried to say “Helicopter” in sign language earlier, too. His second favorite hang out spot is our dining room window. He has a box he stands on so he can look out. I think he will be sad when we move to the suburbs next month.

My brain wears the pants in this relationship.

We were halfway through a wonderful dinner when I couldn’t take it any more. I was about to burst with excitement!

“Did you know that a kilobyte has 1,024 bytes, which is 2^10 ?”

It was this mornings phrase, and I was so proud of myself that I couldn’t wait to show off. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait because my One and Only had forgotten that there was something I should remember. I guess he ought to start his own blog!

My hair is long and plenty,

and yet it falls out like crazy,

how can this be?

It seems… contradictory.

(Inspired by the sight of my hairbrush this morning).

It’s probably safe to assume that remembering something for once does not mean I am cured; however, I am excited about all of the instant gratification I have been feeling since I started on this endeavor.

Especially wonderful are the nice comments that have been left on my previous posts.

Underpants, Overpants

Fancy Pants, Schmancy Pants

Pants for this. Pants for that.

Pants to match your every hat.

(Inspired by the fact that I had to change Little Man’s pants thrice today. 

1. I put soapy water in a bowl filled with toys for him to encourage hand washing and he made a giant puddle on the kitchen floor. It worked out well because I used the opportunity to mop the kitchen floor. Second time this year.. whoohoo! 

2. Hard boiled egg yolk somehow ended up in hair and all over his clothes.

3. … I’m sure there was third time. Maybe it was just trading his pajamas for some regular pants.)

Well, it’s time to go play Mario Party 6 with my One and Only. We just unlocked the last map!