Liebster Award

Thank you to Priya for nominating me for the Liebster Award, it was kind of you to think of me.


The Liebster Award is for new blogs (less than 200 followers) that are noteworthy, and I am happy to qualify. The rules are as follows:

  • Acknowledge the blog/s who nominated you and display the award
  • Answer the eleven question that the blogger gives you
  • List 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to eleven other blogs that you think are deserving of this award (with less than 200 followers)
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

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The Reading Quest – TBR

You may have seen this awesome event being mentioned around the internet, and it sounds like too much fun to pass up. I mean, I’m going to be reading anyways, so I may as well level up a character on the way.

Thank you to Read at Midnight for hosting the The Reading Quest. Please check out her post for the rules and sign-up. Also, thank you to CW of Read, Think, Ponder for the artwork.

I’m going to start the quest as a Level 1 Knight.

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Hello and a Smoothie Suggestion


I am still alive.

I am currently listening to Hamilton, and reading The Bone Clocks. Both of them are fairly long stories and we have been busy with the holiday (Independence Day). If you want to read about some of the family adventures we have gotten ourselves into, you can check out my family/homeschool blog. Homeschooledbykids.

My 3 year old is tall enough to reach the fruit bowl, and this morning he started eating an apple, a banana, a plum, and a peach. Unfortunately, he did not finish any of them.

I put them in a blender, added some peach yogurt, a splash of milk and blended it all together. It was the best smoothie I had ever made, and both kids (3 & 1) drank it up so fast I could not get any pictures.

I did not use measurements so here is my best guess at the recipe:


Ingredients and instructions: 1 peach, 1 plum, 1 strawberry, 1 banana, 3 apple slices, 1/2 cup peach yogurt, 1/4 cup milk. Blend in blender for as long as it takes you to rinse the 3 plastic boxes and bowls your child used. If the smoothie is too thick, add a bit more milk and blend again.

Well, I hope to finish one of these books soon so that I can get back to the non-human thing I love best. Reading and talking about the books.