December Update

Today is December 1st, and my baby is now 7 months old. Yesterday he learned how to push himself to a sitting position, and today he learned how to pull himself up to standing using the train table. I REALLY hope he does not learn how to walk tomorrow.


The 4-year-old is getting super excited about Christmas and he made himself a Christmas Calendar and also drew Santa some pictures and tried to write his name on it.

The 2-year-old is…. challenging. He is “scared” of the toilet and does “not want to go potty” but he walks around all day holding his diaper as if it’s uncomfortable. He has to test every boundary and this is made worse by the fact that he no longer thinks he needs a nap.

What I am reading now…

I am loving Circe by Madeline Miller so far. I feel completely transported to this world of Greek Mythology.

Richard Castle is always fun to read and 13 Minutes is intriguing.

What I read recently…

My husband has been using my laptop for “research” lately and so I have 10 books that I’ve read since my last review that I need to tell you about. My favorites of these ten are:

Someone commented recently about how much I like my fantasy stories, which is SO true. However, Match Making for Beginners is NOT a fantasy book. It’s a fiction story with some romance and it was hilarious and I can’t stop thinking about it. I think I should read more books like that.

What I want for Christmas….

Also, I want my baby to go back to sleeping through the night. Ever since he grew his 2 teeth a few weeks ago he just hasn’t slept the same!

Happy Reading!!