Bad Voodoo – You can’t keep me out!

There must be bad voodoo in this house. It’s probably just a center of evil and bad luck and it draws its evil minions to it by the hundreds. These evil minions then grow big and strong and fast and generally help keep the atmosphere evil. Yes, I am referring to the spiders again. I just had to squish one by hand through a doggy bag because it snuck into a crevice where my shoe could not fit.

Okay, it was my husbands shoe.

Also the following has happened since we moved: Continue reading

Eep Eep Eep!

I hope I just killed the worlds biggest indoor spider. It was on the wall above Little Man’s crib, we went in there for nap time and interrupted the spiders explorations. I swatted it with a fly swatter and I found 2 legs and blood all over the wall.

The biggest problem… I couldn’t find the body! I searched for a few minutes and then told myself it’s probably dead. Now Little Man is sleeping in there, and I feel things crawling all over my body.

All my spider research is for nothing… I hate those 8 Legged Freaks!